August 29

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Are you missing tech conferences? live@manning conferences are a new series of online conferences, brought to you by Manning Publications. They’re free to attend, filled with talks from some really great tech experts, and stream globally via Twitch. No travel needed!

We are teaming up as a Media Sponsor with Manning in support of their upcoming one-day, livestreamed Rust Conference.

This is your chance to hear from speakers like Carol Nichols (member of the Rust Core Team), Tim McNamara, Olivia Ifrim, Michael Hausenblas (who appeared on episode 55), as well as other Rust experts and authorities right in the comfort of your own home. Register to receive conference materials, email alerts and reminders, and access to the virtual conference lobby today.

Topics covered at this event include:

  • Introduction to Rust
  • Building Performant Web Services in Rust
  • Rust Concepts explained through game development
  • Using Rust in multi-architecture applications
  • How to leverage Rust tools to write safer code


Conferences, Manning Publications, Rust, Twitch

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