February 4

Kyle Campbell – High School Dropout Turned Developer & Founder #129

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Kyle Campbell is a high school dropout. He is also the founder and CEO of CTO.ai, a platform that helps DevOps teams scale through streamlining developer productivity 10x. Previous to CTO.ai, Kyle founded Retsly, a company that helped developers access real-estate data, which was sold to Zillow after 8 months. As an investor and advisor to a wide range of technology startups, Kyle’s mission is to democratize DevOps to help the next generation of workers reach their full potential.

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A note from Grant

Our guest today is a high school dropout turned developer, consultant, founder and CEO. Over the past 15+ years, Kyle Campbell has steadily built up a career in tech. It started in tech support, then as a developer and finally as a Founder, CEO and Advisor. 

Over the years, this Canadian native has worked for the likes of Blast Radius and Datahero, amongst others.  He founded his first company Retsly in 2013 which he sold to Zillow in 2014.  After working there for 2.5 years, Kyle was back at it, this time as an advisor to a number of Vancouver area startups as well as becoming a core member of the FeatherJs team. 

In 2017, he founded CTO.ai, a platform focused on developer operations like continuous integration and delivery to production.  Be sure to stay tuned as we check in with Kyle Campbell and learn how this self-taught developer built his career in tech.

-Grant Ingersoll


—Kyle Campbell

Additional Resources

Check out Kyle’s company CTO.AI – https://cto.ai

Connect with Kyle Campbell

Connect with Grant Ingersoll


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