• Drew Farris is a consultant, programmer and co-author of the book Taming Text

    Ep. 5 Design Thinking and Your Career, with Drew Farris

    Drew Farris, currently a senior technology consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, wears dual hats as a software engineer and as a data scientist. He is also co-author of the book “Taming Text”. Drew is a master at taking complex topics and breaking them down into easier components. In this episode of Develomentor we also go in depth about intentionally designing your career using design thinking.

  • Camille Fournier is a software enginering manager and author

    Ep. 4 Goldman Sachs Saved My Tech Career, with Camille Fournier

    Camille graduated from The University of Wisconsin with a master's degree in computer science. In addition, she had experience working for Microsoft. But instead of looking for a cutting edge tech company, Camille chose to work for Goldman Sachs. Paradoxically, she attributes this decision in saving her tech career.

  • Liz Liddy is the renowned Dean of the iSchool at the University of Syracuse

    Ep. 3 Natural Language Processing, with Liz Liddy

    Liz Liddy is one of Grant's lifelong mentors. She is also a professor and dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Liz's impact has been monumental in inspiring others and increasing overall enrollment at the iSchool. In this episode, Liz recounts her journey through tech, academia and entrepreneurship. She will also teach us about the evolution of natural language processing (NLP) and search engines.

  • Ep. 2 Social Worker to Tech Product Manager, With Renee Saint-Louis

    Tech product manager Renee Saint-Louis is a major inspiration for Develomentor and she also happens to be Grant's sister! Renee has followed an unconventional career path and currently works at a small K-12 publishing firm. She has worked across a variety of other industries including banking and retail both as a product manager and as a business analyst.

  • Grant Ingersoll is the co-founder of LucidWorks and currently the CTO of Wikipedia

    Ep. 1: Grant Ingersoll Origins

    Welcome to the first episode of our brand new podcast Develomentor. We are a tech career focused podcast and we interview people working all sorts tech jobs, not just software engineers! Each interview will help you learn about a specific career, what’s required to be successful in it, and how that role is changing. We also hope you’ll see that there are a lot of different paths a successful career. Stick with us and you’ll meet IT product managers with social work degrees and heads of sales with engineering degrees. You’ll meet engineers who “got all the degrees” and others who did a six week coding bootcamp and are running the show. You’ll meet academics and practitioners across a wide range of industries. You might even meet a few artists. Most importantly, we hope you’ll meet your calling.