Grant Ingersoll

Founder of Develomentor

As founder of Develomentor, co-founder of Apache Mahout, and a long-standing committer on the Apache Lucene and Solr open-source projects, Grant Ingersoll has a passion for innovation, an unwavering curiosity, and an intense desire to uncover long-term drivers of growth, performance, and productivity.

With extensive experience in software engineering, software design and development, search consulting, natural language processing, machine learning, and query processing, Grant understands that technology is the key to lean operations and organizational success in the 21st century and beyond.

By delivering accessible and cost-effective C-level leadership and search consulting services, the goal of Develomentor is to give companies the confidence to embrace technology and eliminate change resistance, while offering tailored solutions in the areas of technology, product development, marketing, finance, and data management.

Over the past several decades, Grant has been integral in shaping technology strategies and search engine solutions for companies ranging from startups to global corporations.

Headshot of Grant Ingersoll