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Insightful Interviews

We are a twice weekly interview-driven podcast showcasing interesting people in tech and the paths they've taken to get to where they are in their career.  We love to highlight people who have taken non-traditional paths into tech.  On the show, you'll meet psych majors turned CIOs, self-taught developers with Humanities degrees and folks who got PhDs in one field and promptly pursued other interests!

Find Your Path

While every person's path is unique, we hope to help you find your path by highlighting those who have gone before you on similar paths.  We don't think you need anyone's permission to pursue a career you want, but if an episode, insight or our career coaching inspires you to pursue the career and life you want, then we've done our part! 

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Meaningful career trajectories described well

I am a physician and find Grant's interviews meaningful for my own career goals, even though I come from a different professional domain. Hearing stories about personal growth in any field from someone who understands career paths is helpful and connective.

Borded NV J ... Physician

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