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BiographyEpisode SummaryKey MilestonesAdditional Resources Biography Josh Wills is a former engineer and Statistician on Slack’s Search, Learning, and Intelligence Team helping to build the company’s production search and machine learning infrastructure. He’s a recovering manager, having most recently built and led Slack’s data engineering team and before that the data

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Smart Interviews

We are a twice weekly interview-driven podcast showcasing interesting people in tech and the paths they've taken to get to where they are in their career.  We especially love to highlight people who have taken non-traditional paths into tech.  On the show, you'll meet psych majors turned CIOs, self-taught developers with English degrees and folks who got PhDs in one field and promptly pursued other interests!

Find Your Path

While every person's path is unique, we hope to help you find your path by highlighting those who have gone before you on similar paths.  While we don't think you need anyone's permission to pursue a career you want, if an episode, insight or our career coaching inspires you to pursue the career and life you want, then we've done our part! 

Perfect Addition to Your Commute

I just moved into the CE world from the athletic apparel industry, and this podcast has been the perfect addition to my morning and afternoon commutes.

Every episode is a mentorship in itself!

It’s already helped me navigate the new landscape, understand the complexities of the tech world, and through conversations at work, I’ve officially found an executive level mentor in my department to learn even more from.

I’d recommend this podcast to anyone looking to understand more about the tech world and to anyone who appreciates the value of mentorship in any field.

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