What We Solve:


Your development cycle is often delayed and inefficient


The quality of your code base is less than par


Your team culture is stuck

Our Solution:

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Enhance Technical & Product Decision-Making in Your Organization

With X years of experience, our fractional tech leadership provides the strategic direction you need for important product decisions.

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Create a Cohesive Product Engineering Process

We implement holistic engineering frameworks with a proven track record of success, from startup to enterprise.

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Hire Better Developers & Create More Efficient Team Structures

Our Fractional CTOs advise on which roles to hire for and how to find the best talent, helping you find the best engineer or product manager for your needs.

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Leverage AI & ML to Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

We’ll build and execute a strategy using our team’s X years of experience in the artificial intelligence field to boost your competitive edge.

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Main Benefits

Accelerate Project Timelines
Enhance Product Reliability
Hire the Right Team Faster
Improve Team Experience

What People Are Saying

I can think of no better person to teach a class on ‘search with machine learning’ than Grant Ingersoll. Through his open source work on the Apache Solr search engine and as a founder of the Apache Mahout machine learning framework, Grant has done more to teach developers about the technology concepts and applications of ML and search than anyone in the business. If you type “machine learning “and “search” into Google, the top result is Lucidworks, a company that Grant was the driving force for. This is a no-brainer, take this class from Grant!

Adam Cheyer, Co-Founder of Siri

Grant and team have played a critical role in reshaping development at Franchise Business Review via critical hiring decisions, a focus on planning and process, and a deep sense for both technical and business goal alignment. Grant and Vivek’s product roadmap workshop has played a key role in shaping the future of our products and how we deliver to customers.

Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review

Working with Grant Ingersoll as our fractional CTO was transformative. His vast expertise combined with his unique ability to seamlessly move between technical and business topics were critical to us hiring the right team, building our next generation application and controlling our costs. His team’s product roadmap workshop played a critical role in defining our development work and making certain our dev teams knew what to execute on and, more importantly, why to execute on it.

Louis Carter, CEO of Most Loved Workplace

Grant and Vivek helped us at a critical transition time in our business. We were preparing for a high profile new product launch and both our CTO and CPO were transitioning out of the firm. They came in, quickly understood our business, and rolled up their sleeves as true partners to us as we transitioned leadership without missing a beat.

Michael Roth, Co-CEO of Next Street

Grant’s arrival at Charity Navigator bridged the gap between our departing CTO and the arrival of a new one. We were 3-months away from completely replatforming our website, unifying our two ratings systems, deploying a new CRM, and launching into the 2022 Giving Season. It was hectic. Grant’s calm, expertise, and broad knowledge significantly contributed to our success. In addition to mentoring our engineering teams, he successfully interfaced with external technical consultants, kept me and others on the executive team current on progress, and ultimately, with our new CTO, once she joined us, enabled us to have a successful and timely launch. Grant is a terrific technical leader with strong business acumen that any organization could rely upon as their fractional CTO.

Michael Thatcher, CEO of Charity Navigator

Engaging Develomentor was hugely valuable to our team. Grant Ingersoll’s deep expertise and ability to collaborate with our Product and Engineering teams helped focus our project, identify options, and ultimately define a technical strategy that best aligns with the needs of our business and customers.

Nick Burling, VP of Product Management at Nasuni

Grant is an established expert in the area of Search, Machine Learning, and AI! He has the mind of a researcher, an educator and has demonstrated the applicability of these deep topic areas into real-world products used by enterprises. What better way to learn than from someone who is a published author, a hands-on practitioner, and an industry expert?

Sameer Maggon, CEO of SearchStax

Grant has a unique combination of breadth and depth in the search space, from designing a search solution for performance and stability at scale, while also having deep expertise in the internals of the engine, such as text analysis, relevancy tuning, query optimization, and index design. You won’t find a better teacher to provide a solid foundation in the theory as well as how to apply it when building real world search applications.

Tim Potter, Search Engineer @ Apple