Search Consulting

How many potential customers have been lost due to irrelevant search results, inability to scale search performance, or inadequate technology selection?

A properly designed and executed search development strategy is worth its weight in gold to your organization.

Think of the last time you had to dig for information on a company’s website, or any website for that matter. Did you get frustrated and give up? Did you move on to a different website to get the answers you were looking for?

Consumers no longer have the time (or the patience) to chase answers.

For better or worse, your potential customers expect relevant information to be available 24/7, at their fingertips, in seconds. Without a scalable plan in place to meet their demands, you run the risk of letting them walk away.

From search architecture to search relevance, Develomentor has the technical expertise and programming proficiency to build a high-performing search ecosystem that will bring speed, efficiency, and relevance to the user experience. The second that search terms are entered, our innovative search solutions start talking.

Build, Maintain, and Scale Your Site Search Performance With Develomentor

We’ll program your search engine with machine-learned methods and NLP integrations that have the ability to retrieve, interpret, analyze, and deliver relevant search data in milliseconds.

The experienced search consulting team at Develomentor will optimize search retrieval and relevance, using a combination of traditional and machine-learned strategies to balance speed with accuracy. By leveraging AI-based search technology that is driven by machine learning and natural language processing, your search engine has the power to deliver semantic search capabilities that can decipher human phrasing in an instant. Our long-term search solutions are designed to be easily maintained, improved, and scaled, and include tools such as user-friendly dashboards to track performance and gauge progress toward enterprise KPIs. The search consultants at Develomentor can also effectively train your team to drill down into performance data to analyze results and uncover areas of weakness.