Training & Coaching

Public Training

Want to learn search in a cost-effective, public setting using open source tools like OpenSearch or Elasticsearch? Grant Ingersoll, along with co-instructors Daniel Tunkelang and Dave Anderson, offer a 10 week search track consisting of three classes: Search Fundamentals, Search with Machine Learning and Search Engineering.

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Private Training

Looking for a condensed version of our training? We offer private, in person or virtual, training on search, machine learning and Natural Language Processing. More details coming soon.

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Our Tech Leadership Coaching is a specialized service tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by leaders in the tech sector, whether they are CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Directors or Engineering Managers. Our coaching approach delves deep into the intricacies of leading in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through one-on-one sessions, coaches with a tech-savvy background guide clients in areas such as strategic tech decisions, team dynamics in tech environments, and navigating the complexities of technological innovation and adoption. The service focuses on cultivating a growth mindset, effective communication of technical concepts, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

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