Deepanshu Madan - Sending LinkedIn Messages to Get Any Tech Job #89

“Deepanshu is a full-stack software engineer, Product, and Business lead. He has recently co-founded, to help technology leaders optimize their engineering processes and ship high-quality software, faster.

Deepanshu has a Bachelors’s and Master’s in Computer science and has worked across a variety of technology development roles. He started his career as a Software engineer in Test, moved on to become a Senior Software engineer and led Android teams at companies like Expedia and OpenTable.

Most recently, he was a Product Manager on the Android team at Google, where he led multiple product areas for app development tools. Before this role, Deepanshu was a Product Strategy and Commercialization lead on the AdMob team, where he led product and business strategy for Google’s Mobile Ads product.”

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A note from Grant

Android developer.  Researcher.  Software engineer in test.  Software engineer.  Senior Software Engineer.  Advisor.  Co-founder.  Product Manager. If there’s a technical role to be had in a company, chances are our guest today, Deepanshu Madan has held it. To make him even more interesting, Deepanshu sent hundreds of LinkedIn messages to get all of his jobs.

After getting his Master’s in Computer Science from University of California, Riverside, Deepanshu has held a variety of roles for companies like HP, Expedia, Google and Open Table.

These days, he’s the co-founder of, a company focused on using artificial intelligence to understand and improve engineering processes.  Throughout his career, he’s also spent time helping other companies as an advisor on their projects.  Be sure to stay tuned as we catch up with Deepanshu Madan and hear how all those different roles led to him co-founding his current company Process Labs

-Grant Ingersoll


Most of the stuff I learned in the classroom isn’t really helping my career. But one thing I learned in college is how to learn.

“I started looking up product manager roles just for fun. Funny enough I found all my jobs by just messaging people on LinkedIn.”

“For a product manager role, understand what your users want, execute, and get it out there.”

“It may look easy how I got the opportunity at Google. But I actually messaged hundreds of people on LinkedIn; hundreds of people even internally at Google too.”

“As a product manager, I had meetings all day and I basically never got time to work. You have to prioritize really well and you have to find out what’s really important at this second.”

“A key part of Process Labs is connecting engineering function to business value.”

—Deepanshu Madan

Key Milestones

  1. What was Deepanshu’s career mindset in the early years of his career and how has it evolved?
  2. How to send LinkedIn messages to get any tech job?
  3. How much of Deepanshu’s early career was focused on mobile development.  What attracted you to that space?
  4. Deepanshu left development to join Google to work as a product manager. What influenced him making that kind of switch?
  5. How has being a product manager changed the view of development?
  6. Deepanshu is the co-founder of Process Labs. What does the company do? What was the inspiration to start it?
  7. How to send LinkedIn messages to get any tech job?
  8. How does Deepanshu approach hiring?

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