Arun Ganesan - Embedded Systems Engineer at Ford #58


Arun Ganesan is an Embedded Systems Engineer at Ford Motor Company.

Arun obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He then started working at Ford Motor Co. as an Analytical Programmer due to his knowledge in Matlab programming.

Arun started writing Matlab scripts for durability analysis which then expanded to systems level analysis. At that point he jumped to being Systems Engineer. Arun continued with Matlab programming as well as C# programming - this is where he got exposed to Embedded Systems.

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Episode Summary

“When I was small, I would always tinker around with electronics and take things apart and put them back until I got yelled at for doing things like that. That was my interest. When I was 17, My dad and I had a talk and he said, Why not electric engineering?”

“Digital design is designing the logic within a CPU. You’re always working on the same framework. The same set of rules apply. In analog design, its more real-world based. You’re using circuits to solve real world problems.”

“The code goes with the hardware. C# is just for the application on windows. The actual code that goes on the transmission or on the chip is C.”

—Arun Ganesan

Key Milestones

  1. What exactly is electrical engineering and what attracted Arun to pursuing a career in it?
  2. Who is an embedded systems engineer and what are some of the key skills necessary?
  3. Understanding how to code lean is essential for embedded systems!
  4. What type of tools does Arun use? What is the day to day of an embedded systems engineer
  5. How has Arun’s electrical engineering background served him in his role?

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