Atri Sharma - Database Engineer and Open Source Committer #84


As a database engineer and open source committer, Atri Sharma has built a career in tech deeply focused some of today’s most popular databases. Some of these include PostgreSQL, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Presto and HAWQ.

After getting his bachelor’s from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Atri Sharma has held roles at Amazon, EnterpriseDB, Teradata, Barclays, Pivotal, Microsoft and Intuit.

Along the way, he’s become a prolific contributor to several open source projects like Lucene, PostgreSQL and a handful of other Apache Software Foundation Projects.

He’s also the author of the upcoming book “Practical Lucene 8”. Stay tuned as we take a deep dive with Atri Sharma into the world of databases and open source!

-Grant Ingersoll

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“Google Summer of Code has been around for a while now. It is designed in a way to introduce college students and academics to the world of open source development.”

“One thing that open source really gives you is the people aspect. You build a network of smart and very accomplished people who can actually mentor and help you grow on the right path.”

“When I actually decided to commit myself to open source I always thought it would be in my spare time. I never actually anticipated having a job where I would be expected to contribute features back to open source projects.”

—Atri Sharma

Key Milestones

  1. What is Google Summer of Code
  2. How has Atri continually found jobs in open source
  3. Atri has spent his career working on some of the hardest challenges in the database world like adding features, making them faster.  What’s it like working deep inside some of the world’s most heavily used data stores?
  4. What are key skills necessary to work as a database engineer?
  5. Atri has worked for many of the world’s largest tech companies. Why did he choose to work in big tech?
  6. Atri’s book ‘Practical Lucene 8’

Additional Resources

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