Boris Paskhaver - Udemy Online Educator with 275K Students #85


Boris Paskhaver is a New York City-based software engineer, author, and consultant. He’s also been an online educator on Udemy since 2016.

After graduating from New York University in 2013 with a degree in Business Economics and Marketing, Boris worked as a business analyst, systems administrator, and data analyst for a variety of companies including a digital marketing agency, a financial services firm, and an international tech powerhouse. At one of those roles, he was fortunate enough to be challenged to build several projects with Python and JavaScript.

A small work interest quickly blossomed into a passionate weekend hobby. Eventually, Boris left his former role to complete App Academy, a rigorous full-stack web development bootcamp in NYC. The rest is history.

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A note from Grant

Boris Paskhaver is an econ major from NYU. He discovered coding, in his own words, “by accident” at a job as a business analyst. That happy accident as Bob Ross would say, turned into a weekend hobby which turned into a boot camp which turned into a career happily coding away for the likes of, Publicis Media and Stride Consulting.

Along the way, Boris has also built up quite the following on Udemy as an instructor with 6 courses on programming that have been delivered to over 245,000 students!

As if all that online instruction isn’t enough, he’s the author of Pandas in Action, from Manning Publications, which is available in early access. Be sure to stay tuned as we hear from Boris Paskhaver and learn why he left the dismal science for a career in coding and online teaching!

-Grant Ingersoll


A lot of times I would start with excel and think about something I would do typically in excel and try to replicate it in python and pandas

“I wanted to go to the hardest bootcamp and I chose App Academy because it had the lowest admission rate. I wanted to invest fully.”

“App Academy took a percentage of the first year’s salary rather than charge a huge tuition fee up front. After 4 years in college and 200K in debt I was not eager to invest in educational experience again with that model. I wanted someone who was willing to invest in me.”

“Bootcamp was harder than being an engineer on a day to day basis”

“Pandas is excel on steroids. It allows you to do the same operations you do in excel. When you’re dealing with large datasets in excel your limit is about 1 million rows. And even when you have more than about 3000, it begins to slow down.

—Boris Paskhaver

Key Milestones

  1. Boris accidentally got into Python programming while at
  2. Boris actually landed his first couple of jobs in tech before doing a bootcamp.
  3. Why did Boris decide to enroll in App Academy Bootcamp?
  4. How did Boris get involved as an online educator on Udemy?
  5. Boris wrote the book, “Pandas in Action”, with Manning Publications

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