Chris Love & Jay Vyas - Kubernetes, Large Scale Distributed Systems #56

Today’s episode is a bit of a special one in that we are going to interview not one, but two guests. They are the co-authors of “Core Kubernetes”, a book from Manning Publications, who just so happen to also be the publisher of my book, Taming Text. This book dives into specifics of Kubernetes and its integration with large scale distributed systems. Because this is a special episode with two guests and because they are authors of a book, we are going to do another first for the show: a giveaway.

Here’s how it’s going to work:  the first five people who email the show at [email protected] will receive a code good for one free ebook. For those who don’t want to send an email, you can get a 40% discount ON ALL Manning books, including Core Kubernetes by using the discount code poddevmen20.

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Chris Love is a 20 year veteran consultant who started his career early by leaving school and then running the engineering and radio production departments at his first company. After this he started his own consulting firm, which he has been successfully running for 20+ years now.

His partner in crime on the book is Jay Vyas. Jay sits in contrast to Chris in that he did an undergrad in math, a master’s in comp sci and a PhD in bioinformatics. Post education, he went on to work in a variety of software engineering roles at companies like UConn Health, Red Hat, Synopsys and VMWare.

Episode Summary

If you understand Kubernetes as a developer as an engineer, then you understand how any cloud works, it’s just gonna be the common currency for how people talk about cloud computing moving forward.

I don’t know if I would go get a PhD in 2020. I might though and there is one reason why. You really get to think about problems very deeply for a very long period of time when you’re getting a PhD, and I think that’s a lot of fun.

“Don’t stay stagnant. If you wanna work on a software project, get into some open source. If you wanna get in the product development, start an open source or closed source project and look at starting a company.”

—Chris Love and Jay Vyas

Key Milestones

  1. Chris and Jay have taken almost opposite paths but now find themselves co-authors. How did this happen?
  2. Chris has been a consultant pretty much your whole career and Jay went more along the corporate route for most of your career. What inspired Chris to pave his own path?
  3. On being co-authors.  How did Chris and Jay meet?
  4. Why did they choose to write a book on Kubernetes?
  5. What are large scale distributed systems and why is Kubernetes such an important tool for them?
  6. How do Chris and Jay work together? How do they decide who does what?
  7. What lays ahead for Kubernetes and the art of scaling applications?

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