Develomentor Panel - Compensation in Tech

Our panel topic to kick things off is going to be compensation in tech, better known as money!

Welcome everyone to our once a month bonus edition of Develomentor where we bring in a few guests and talk about topics relating to careers in tech as well as answer career questions. As a quick note, If you want your question answered by our panelists, please visit and select the “Your Career Questions Answered” link from the menu.  We’ll link that in the show notes.

For most of us, it’s one of the main reasons we work. It’s no doubt a complicated subject and we can’t cover all the issues, but we’re going to try to hit on some of the keys, like negotiating salaries, analyzing total comLet’s get started!

Jacqueline Nolis - joins us from Seattle Washington. She was a guest on the show in episode 76, has built a 10+ year career in data science and analytics and is the co-author of “Build Your Career in Data Science”.

Gary Flake - Gary is the former CTO of Search and Data Science at Salesforce and is now an independent inventor, author and advisor. Gary was also a guest on the show in episode 42 and 43.

Renee Saint-Louis - Renee is a long time product manager and the author of the Manager Mentor blog series, which you can find at She was also a guest of the show way back in episode 2 and is my sister.

Host: Grant Ingersoll

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“Unless you’re willing to leave a job and investigate and do interviews, you never know really what you’re worth” - Gary Flake


Key Milestones

  1. What are different ways of negotiating salary?
  2. How is compensation in tech changing?
  3. Salary differences between big companies and startups
  4. Negotiating total compensation including stock options
  5. A few effective ways of negotiating a raise
  6. Is sharing salary information with colleagues a good or bad idea?

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