Develomentor Panel - Tech Hiring Tips From Employees and Managers

Today we’re going to be diving deep into hiring in tech as an employee and as a manager.

Our first guest today, Aline Lerner joins us today from Wisconsin, although she normally resides in San Francisco where she is the Founder and CEO of, a hiring platform aimed at making interviewing and finding a job in tech way less painful. You heard her first on the show in episode 44 where she shared her career path from MIT computer science to being a professional chef to tech recruiting and software engineering.

Our next guest, Daniel Tunkelang, you first heard here in episode 29 where he shared his path as a computer scientist and early employee at Endeca, the search company acquired by Oracle for over $1 billion to time spent at Google and LinkedIn before going out on his own as a, to use his own words, a High Class consultant.

Our third and final panelist, Renee Saint-Louis, joins us today from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Renee is a long time product manager and the author of the Manager Mentor blog series where she just published an article on managing conflict at work, which you can find at She was also a guest of the show way back in episode 2 and just so happens to be my sister.


Key Milestones

  1. Why is talking to employees often a better way of getting a job than talking to recruiters?
  2. What are common mistakes people make in the tech hiring process?
  3. Ways to assess whether a company is a good fit for you or not.
  4. One of the controversies in hiring in the tech field relates to giving candidates homework as part of the screening process.
  5. What do manager’s look for when adding to their team?
  6. Negotiating as an employee and as a manager.
  7. What is the “pipeline problem” as it relates to diversity and inclusion in hiring in tech?
  8. How to deal with ‘brilliant jerks’ in tech?

Additional Resources

What is the pipeline problem and why is it so relevant in tech today?

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