Diane Burley - Tech Content Marketing & Storytelling #69


Diane Burley is a storyteller. She helps executives in all industries understand technology’s role in solving many of the challenges they face today. What is tech content marketing? How does it differ from marketing in other industries?

Diane is a former journalist and multi-media executive. She put the first daily newspapers on the web in 1995. Diane is fully aware of the complexities of integrating vast amounts of data, facing political hurdles, and changing up processes to support the technologies-all while facing that “existential threat.”

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Episode Summary

“My thrust is never to look for a technology for technology’s sake. It is to solve a business problem, and look to match the technology to the problem. From a storytelling standpoint it helps resonate with your audience. They have the pain. They have the problem.”

“You don’t want a wandering generality. You want meaningful specific - something that is meaningful and specific to truly answer a person’s needs.”

“When you’re talking about enterprise technology and enterprise sales there’s so many different audience members. And I think one of the biggest mistakes most companies make is say ‘oh this is technical, and the technical person is going to understand all of this’.”

“I’ve worked in networking companies, cybersecurity companies, development companies, database companies. I can tell you that the top engineers in each of those places wouldn’t have a clue about what a technology is that another company is offering. So you really need to break it down to those basic levels. You don’t have to do it in a condescending way, you do it with metaphors.”

—Diane Burley

Key Milestones

  1. Diane got degrees from SUNY Oswego and Rutgers in Communications and information systems. What did these degrees teach her?
  2. What were newspapers like in 1995 and how did they go from print to digital?
  3. How does Diane approach tech content marketing and storytelling?
  4. What are some practical skills and tips for content producers to improve their SEO?