Drew Lazzeri - Lumberjack Turned Programmer Pursues Music #57


Drew Lazzeri is a former lumberjack who then went on to get a degree in math and theater from Santa Clara University. From college, he has gone on to be a freelance web developer and full stack engineer.

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While he currently works for another guest of the show, Aline Lerner at interviewing.io, he’s about to take a sabbatical from tech to go to music school in Hungary for a few months.

Episode Summary

“The rare and valuable skills that enable a lot of people to be successful in either tech or other parts of knowledge work come out of relationships you have with mentors. Mentors who were able to hand down those skills.”

“I think its useful to just think about the users. What change you could make for them? It’s always interesting how you could make changes all over the stack that can help with loading time or make a feature easier or harder to implement.”

“Hearing the stories and the paths people have taken through in their career is so vital. It leads to success in bringing people in and having good mentorship and all sorts of the relationships that this industry is founded on.”

—Drew Lazzeri

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Key Milestones

  1. Drew began to teach himself tech at age 12. He also spent some time as a lumberjack! In college although he started down the path of computer science, he decided to switch majors to abstract math and theatre.
  2. ‘How to become a hacker’ by Eric Raymond had a huge influence on Drew.
  3. How does Drew approach the role of being a full stack developer? What are some of the key skills to be successful in this role?
  4. How has theater played a part of in Drew’s career?
  5. Who were Drew’s mentors throughout his career?
  6. Why did Drew decide to take a break from tech to go study music?

Additional Resources

Read the article ‘How to become a hacker’ by Eric Raymond - http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html

Free online book to learn Python, ‘ How to Think like a Computer Scientist’ - http://openbookproject.net/thinkcs/python/english3e/

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