Gianluca Mauro - Artificial Intelligence Coach & Author #108


Gianluca Mauro is the founder and lead artificial intelligence coach of the AI Academy and the co-author of Zero to AI, a non-technical hype free guide to prospering in the AI era from Manning Publications.

Gianluca’s roots lie in energy engineering from his University days, including getting a master’s from Università di Roma Tor Vergata. Since then, he has been in the tech space building apps, freelancing and coaching people in data science and artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned learn how this Fullbright scholar has gotten past the hype of AI to the reality of working in a hot field in tech.

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“The first tip [to write] is just do it. We definitely think that we don’t know how to write, but if you just write the way you speak, usually you end up with pretty good stuff!”

“[Zero to AI] is a book that is geared towards people who have an MBA in business management who really have no experience in computer science. But they want to be a part of this revolution, they want to have a place and want to be a part of the conversation.”

“Writing has some clarity of mind on what you’ve done, and I like to add some story telling to my blog posts. I just started by telling the story of how I started to solve a problem of something related to my field.”

—Gianluca Mauro

Key Milestones

  1. What is energy engineering and what drove Gianluca to get a master’s degree in it?
  2. When did Gianluca decide to be an artificial intelligence coach?
  3. Why did Gianluca also choose to pursue a business degree?
  4. What is AI Academy? Who is it for? And what will they learn?
  5. Gianlua co-authored the book, “Zero to AI”. What inspired the book, what is it about and who is the audience?

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