Hilliary Turnipseed - History Major Turned Tech Recruiter #104


Hilliary Turnipseed is an experienced talent acquisition and management executive, specializing in early-stage startups, as well as the education technology, media production and advertising industries. Companies she has worked with include Discovery Communications, Black Girls CODE, POLITICO and Blackboard.

While Turnipseed’s primary expertise is in recruitment, she also focuses on implementing diversity and inclusion strategies along with employee engagement and wellness program initiatives. She is well known for her creative approaches to optimizing workplace environments and policies for the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

In addition to consulting, Turnipseed currently serves as a Director for Women Who Code, while also leading talent and employer branding initiatives for digital content media company, Women 2.0.

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A word from Grant

Hilliary Turnipseed has turned a bachelor’s in History from American University into a 15+ year career helping companies in and out of the tech industry find and hire talent. Having worked for the likes of Axios, Black Girls Code, Discovery Communications, Blackboard, Women 2.0 and these days, on her own as the founder and president of Hill Street Strategies, Hilliary helps companies not just hire talent, but build stronger, more inclusive cultures.

When Hilliary isn’t recruiting top talent, she is often found volunteering for groups like Women Who Code, Tech Rebalanced, or speaking on podcasts or at DC Startup Week.

-Grant Ingersoll


“I love people and I consider myself just an organic connector. So I stumbled upon this industry that I didn’t know really existed. I did not go to school to recruit or for HR.”

“For me, it was really important to link the importance of people with the overall business strategy. So I view people as the most valuable asset within an organization.”

“Women apply to roles where they meet 90 to 100 percent of requirements whereas for men its usually 10 to 20 percent. So if you just take that one stat into consideration, your job descriptions alone could be preventing that pipeline from coming through.”

“When I say career searching with intention, its really about doing that self work to really identify environments that you can thrive in but also thinking about what problems you really want to solve.”

“Right now we have 5 generations in the workforce. Most of it being the millennial generation and then we have gen z where compensation is not really a factor and its more career development opportunities. Its more ‘what are they going to learn?’ or ‘how are they going to grow?’.”

—Hilliary Turnipseed

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