James Tucker - Theology Major Becomes Software Developer #105


James Tucker is a developer, husband, dog dad, and former aspiring pastor.

Currently, he’s working at soona as a full stack engineer, building out a content creation platform primarily with Vue.js and Ruby on Rails.

James is passionate about making things and teaching others code. When he’s not coding, you can probably find him spending time with his wife Megan, reading, playing ice hockey, or camping.

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A note from Grant

In yet another first for the show, we have our first Theology major turned developer as a guest today. That’s right, James Tucker, a once upon a time aspiring pastor with a Theology degree from Northland International University, spent three years working across manufacturing and insurance before deciding to go to a tech bootcamp and become a full stack developer for the likes of Journey Tellr and soona. In addition to his developer roles, he’s an avid blogger and public speaker. Be sure to listen in as we learn about James Tucker’s calling to code.

-Grant Ingersoll


When I took Strength Finders and I started thinking about my past and I remembered that I was really creative as a kid and I love legos. I loved painting, I loved drawing. And we sort of thought that coding and being a developer was somewhat like an adult version of playing with legos. That’s really when I decided to go off to my bootcamp.

One thing that really helped me with my job search was building out side projects and making sure I had these listed on my resume so when I got interviewed I had something I was really passionate about. I got actual feedback from hiring managers that this was one of my strengths of my approach to getting a job

—James Tucker

Key Milestones

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