John Carnell - MBA Grad Turned Tech Architect, Manager #61


John Carnell is currently the team lead at Genesys.

He comes to us with 20+ years of experience working across a variety of technical development roles including consultant, tech architect, developer and team lead.

John has a background in both computer science and criminology and has also gone on to get an MBA. Along his path he’s written a book and taken on a number of speaking engagements.

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Episode Summary

“When you look at a problem, you got to look at the process. Its not always a technical problem you’re solving. What are the human elements in a problem that are driving a certain outcome?”

“I’ve always followed tension between an open internet and regulations. I find that a lot of times I go back to ‘where does it balance out in the constitution?’.”

“A lot of the elements and methodologies that are now mainstream in software development had borrowed heavily from that background that earlier business people had drawn upon.”

—John Carnell

Key Milestones

  1. John’s book, Spring Microservices in Action
  2. John tells us about his criminology background and how that area of knowledge has helped shape his career
  3. Why did John decide to get his MBA?
  4. How was John able to point out problems in companies without complaining?
  5. Cloud Engineer vs Software Engineer
  6. When did John decide he wanted to go into tech management and leadership?
  7. What is lean 6 sigma program and how is it used to improve process inefficiencies.
  8. What are some similarities between tech architect and software engineer?

Additional Resources

What is lean six sigma? -

Spring Microservices in Action - John’s book published by Manning Publications

[email protected]