Jonathan Cutrell - Eng. Manager, Podcast Host of Developer Tea #59


Jonathan Cutrell is a communications and media studies graduate who started his early career as a writer and editor before entering the world of development.

He’s held a variety of roles including software engineer, director and CTO.  These days, he’s an engineering manager and fellow podcaster who started the podcast network. currently hosts 12 different podcasts and sees an average of 100,000 downloads a week

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Episode Summary

“What a lot of people get out of journaling I get out of making podcasts.”

“I think the best way to think about Developer Tea, and incidentally to think about almost anything, is in the smallest possible chunk you can consume.”

“Frankly, I think Developer Tea is as much of a me talking to myself as me talking to the people that listen to it.”

—Jonathan Cutrell

Key Milestones

  1. How did Jonathan get into tech and how was he able to get into early leadership roles like Director of Technology
  2. How was Jonathan able to hold so many management roles? What drew him to management?
  3. Jonathan hosts the podcast called Developer Tea. What was the inspiration for starting the show?
  4. consists of 11 different podcasts focused on developers and technology. How did Jonathan create this platform?
  5. As a manager and a podcaster, Jonathan focused much of your career on helping developers succeed. How did Jonathan find this niche?
  6. What does Jonathan look for when hiring and building teams?

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