Leon Mallett - Why Do Generalists Thrive in Digital Marketing? #72


Leon Mallett accepted a job in digital marketing when real estate investing became too risky. Before he knew it, digital marketing became his passion! Leon is currently the chief operating officer (COO) of IAM Cloud (IAM Technology Group Ltd).

Leon Mallett is a biology major turned digital marketer and tech executive who I first met on Twitter on a thread on careers and jobs people have held.  Turns out we were both paper boys growing up and are now in the C-Suite at tech firms.

Along his career path, Leon has worked in real estate and customer service. He has also worked in digital marketing for a number of companies including Tesco and the University of Sheffield.  I’ll have to check the archives, but I believe Leon is also the first COO of a tech company we’ve had on the show, so I’m eager to dig into what that means

--Grant Ingersoll

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Episode Summary

The idea of a marketer is you have to be a generalist. There is a broad set of skills and its really important that you have a breadth of skills across good copy writing, technical skills, as well as an understanding of social platforms.

“What I learned from my MBA, weirdly, is not so much a load of facts. instead I learned that it does not matter if you don’t know everything because you can work things out. That mindset shift was the real game changer for me.”

“For me, when hiring someone, personality is 90%, skills are 10%.”

—Leon Mallett

Key Milestones

  1. What inspired Leon to transition into digital marketing?
  2. While marketing is as old as time, digital marketing is still a fairly young field and it covers a lot of ground, especially these days with all the tools available. What is the scope of digital marketing?
  3. What are some of the key skills needed to be in marketing?
  4. Major differences between working in industry and university
  5. What does a COO at a tech company focus on?
  6. Why does Leon prefer hiring people who have either owned a business or worked as a contractor?

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