Nadeem Chaudhry - CTO of Jobot, AI Powered Job Search #54


Nadeem Chaudhry is the proverbial college dropout who left school early to get started on his software career. After leaving college before his junior year, he worked his way up from software engineering and architecture into engineering management and leadership. These days, he’s the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Jobot, a startup focused on using artificial intelligence to transform the career recruiting space.

Nadeem has worked in a variety of industries including ecommerce, recruiting, and customer relationship management. All along the way, he has always been building products.

Episode Summary

“When I was in college, I really got my hands dirty and started building very early on. So by my second year, I had already completed an entire platform for students to buy and sell books, goods, other things with each other on campus”

“There’s a lot about college that didn’t work for me because I was already self learning to such a great degree. And that approach served me really well with how fast technology has moved since college. Because if you’re not constantly learning in this business, you’re gonna get left behind.”

“You want the people that you’re mentoring to continuously grow, and that may mean that they outgrow what you can offer.”

—Nadeem Chaudhry

Key Milestones

  1. Why didn’t college work out for Nadeem?
  2. Nadeem’s first title out of college was “Lead Software Developer”.  How does one land a lead role straight out of dropping out of college?
  3. Many engineers struggle with deciding whether to code or go into management. What was Nadeem’s thought process in making those choices?
  4. Who were Nadeem’s mentors throughout his career?
  5. Key traits Nadeem looks for when hiring and how does he think about team building?
  6. What are some tips for a developer getting better at the business side?
  7. What are a few quick tips you can enact to make you stand out to recruiters (and the bots who are filtering resumes and profiles)?

Additional Resources

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