Pardis Noorzad - Head of Data Science at Healthcare Tech #93


Pardis is Head of Data Science at Carbon Health, a technology-enabled healthcare provider designed to make world-class primary and urgent care accessible to all. Her team’s mission is to improve health outcomes and increase operational efficiency.

Previously she led Connect Data Science at Twitter—covering Search, Trends, Explore, Events, Moments, Topics, and Notifications. Pardis reestablished the Product Data Science function at the company, ushering its expansion for the first time in four years. At Paytm Labs, she designed and built a fully automated fraud detection engine for Paytm—the P2P payments and marketplace app serving India. As an early employee at Rubikloud, Pardis proposed and built a promotions allocation system for retailers.

Pardis studied random graph models of online social networks at Ryerson University. At Amirkabir University, she published on music genre recognition and sparse linear classifiers. She holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Tehran, where she served as ECE Representative for three years. Pardis also served in the Ryerson Senate for a year.

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A note from Grant

Building on degrees in software engineering, artificial intelligence and applied mathematics, Pardis Noorzad has worked her way up the data science career ladder, first as a teaching assistant, then research scientist, data scientist and now head of data science.

Along the way, Pardis worked for the likes of Tehran University, Rubikloud Technologies, Paytm, Twitter and now Carbon Health. Throughout her journey, she’s worked across a myriad of data science problems, including fraud detection, recommendations, clinical efficiency analysis and worked to build several data science teams under her leadership.

-Grant Ingersoll


“The internet was just so fascinating that I really felt like I need to know how this works. It looks like magic. And I was spending so much time on the internet that I had to find out how this works.”

“Honestly the problem with University is it tires you out. But it also humbles you to the point of no return. It takes a lot of years to build that confidence again.”

“Every time an opportunity came up in the bay area, I tried to make up some excuse to not make it happen. Even though I knew it would be a great experience. But ultimately when twitter came up, it was very difficult to say no.”

—Pardis Noorzad

Key Milestones

  1. Pardis spent some time in Iran studying technology. What was this experience like?
  2. After working in Iran for a number of year Pardis moved to Toronto. Getting work in other countries can often be difficult, how did she make the transition?
  3. For many years, Pardis was seemingly on the academic/research scientist route before going to work for several commercial companies.  What was her mindset and approach like in those early years as she was coming out of Ryerson?
  4. Another key inflection point for Pardis comes with moving to San Francisco to work for Twitter. What was this transition like?
  5. While at Twitter, Pardis made the leap into management.  For many folks going into management is often a pivotal moment. What are some things Pardis learned from management?
  6. What did Pardis learn while doing Data Science for Twitter?
  7. How is working for a healthcare tech company?

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