Ruby Shrestha - People Ops at Political Tech Startup


Ruby Shrestha is a People Ops Manager at tech co., a startup seeking to build technology to change the landscape of democracy in America.

Prior to her journey into the startup world, she worked as an administrator at a summer camp in rural New Hampshire after earning her degree in Engineering Science at the University of Virginia.

Ruby loves working in a startup environment where she is always kept on her toes and can see the positive impact her work has had even early on in her People Operations career.

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A note from Grant

A key part of building any great company is hiring and retaining people that can not only do the work but add to the company culture. Accomplishing that requires a top notch people operations team that is more than just about selecting your healthcare benefits.

Today, we are going to check-in with Ruby Shrestha, a people ops manager for a Washington DC based tech startup. After earning her bachelor’s in engineering science from the University of Virginia and two years as a camp administrator, Ruby, has worked her way up the people operations career ladder.

-Grant Ingersoll


“I like to think of People Ops as HR’s cuter friend. When I think about People Ops, its all encompassing of the employee experience. So from when you first reach out to someone to apply to your company all the way to their last day. You are not only recruiting but thinking about employee engagement and also employee retention the overall company’s culture.”

“Within people operations there is a significant amount of data analysis you can do to cultivate your company culture. So we use a program called Lattice and it gives us a bunch of different data. But its really up to us to synthesize and use that data in a productive way to improve our company culture.“ 

—Ruby Shrestha

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