September 27

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Are you missing tech conferences? live@manning conferences are a new series of online conferences, brought to you by Manning Publications. They’re free to attend, filled with talks from some really great tech experts, and stream globally via Twitch. No travel needed! We are teaming up as a Media Sponsor with Manning in support of their upcoming one-day, livestreamed Women in Tech Conference taking place on October 13, 2020 from 12-5 pm EST, live on Twitch.

At the conference you will hear from industry leading speakers like Cornelia Davis, Emily Robinson, Naomi Ceder, Lizzie Seigel and Jamie Riedesel and learn on topics across a range of ideas, including:

  • How to build a chatbot in 20 minutes
  • Algorithmic Engineering with Large Datasets
  • Working in and surviving toxic work environments
  • How to build a strong data science portfolio


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