January 15

Philip Noyed – Tech Creative Director & Multimedia Artist #123

Creative Director



Philip Noyed is the tech creative director at Caring Bridge and a multimedia artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Philip Noyed is an innovative multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His art work represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today.  His artwork is often called “contemporary stained glass” and can be customized for a variety of architectural and design applications. The finalized artwork can be incorporated into acrylic, glass, tubes, fabric, wall coverings and can be customized to meet your design requirements.  While located in Minneapolis, he has shipped artwork across America and Internationally.

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A note from Grant

After 120+ episodes of Develomentor, I finally have the opportunity to interview someone who is in the very role that inspired this show in the first place: the creative director. All the way back in episode 1, I talked about how my son inspired this show through his love of both art and technology and how that led to wanting to showcase all the different ways people can participate in tech.  Today’s guest, Philip Noyed, has indeed combined a love of art and technology to build a successful career as a Creative Director.  As with all of our guests, there is of course more to the story. 

Philip started his journey by earning a degree in East Asian Studies from Hamline University before living in Japan for a number of years working as a communications specialist while studying Japanese and honing his artistic side.  Since returning to the United States and joining the tech revolution in the early 90’s, he has helped companies like Fingerhut, Schwan’s, Harland Clarke, Caring Bridge and Target establish and grow online presences with a deep focus on user experience and usability. 

Philip has also, along his path, developed and grown as an artist, combining the physical and digital, including virtual reality, into a deep and rich portfolio at the cutting edge of modern art. I’d also be violating my Minnesota heritage if I didn’t mention that he worked as a Production Assistant on Prince’s Purple Rain movie. 


—Philip Noyed

Additional Resources

Check out Philip’s Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/user8614335

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Connect with Philip Noyed

Connect with Grant Ingersoll



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