January 18

Ali Spittel – Software Blogger With Over 1.5 Million Readers #124

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Ali loves teaching people to code, and is currently doing so as a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. She have been employed in the tech industry since 2014, holding multiple software engineering positions at startups, and a Distinguished Faculty and Faculty Lead role at General Assembly’s Software Engineering Immersive. Ali is also a software blogger!

Ali blogs a lot about code and my life as a developer. Her blog posts have had over well over a million reads and have been featured on DEV’s top 7, the top spot on HackerNews, FreeCodeCamp, and in JSWeekly. You can hear about her new posts on her newsletter.

Ali also has a podcast with two other incredible women: Ladybug Podcast. They talk about the tech industry, their backgrounds, and they go in depth on code-topics. When Ali is not coding you can find her watching her favorite New England sports teams, taking runs with her dog Blair, or rock climbing.

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A note from Grant

Ali Spittel started down the computer science major route in college before deciding it wasn’t quite right for her. But she would return to coding in her first job as a means of automating some of her work and realizing that she really enjoyed it.

From there, Ali Spittel, has steadily built a career in tech as a software engineer, developer advocate, and instructor for the likes of Amazon, General Assembly and her own venture, WeLearnCode.  In addition to all of her work coding and teaching people to code, Ali is the co-star of the popular Ladybug Podcast with Kelly Vaughn, Sidney Buckner and Emma Bostian.  If you’ve ever wanted to get into coding and aren’t quite sure where to begin, be sure to learn how Ali built a career in coding without a comp sci degree.


—Ali Spittel

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