January 25

Jason Hughes – Rock Star Finds Career In Business Intelligence #126

Business Analyst, Business Intelligence



Jason Hughes has spent over 10 years in the data and analytics space in roles ranging from BI developer to business analyst, business intelligence, and management.  He’s worked in a variety of industries and for Fortune 200 companies as well as companies with under 200 employees. 

Currently, Jason serves as the Director of Data & Analytics at Delta Dental of MN—a role he’s been in for the past year.  In his free time, Jason unwinds by playing guitar, running and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

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A note from Grant

From English major and professional musician to business intelligence and now Director of Data Analytics, Jason Hughes path into tech and data science started ten plus years after earning his English degree. 

Since finding his path in business intelligence, Jason has steadily gained experience holding down roles like business analyst, senior business analyst, business analyst developer, commercial analytics manager and now in the Director role. 

Along his journey, Jason has worked for the likes of Horizon Hobby, Audigy Group, Service Now, C. H. Robinson and now Delta Dental as well as earned an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Be sure to tune in as we welcome Jason Hughes to Develomentor and find out how this one time working musician built a career in tech.

-Grant Ingersoll


—Jason Hughes

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