January 28

Kiara Bickers – Caterer Turned SysAdmin & Bitcoin Author #127

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Kiara is a writer and SysAdmin at the Bitcoin company Blockstream. Her gateway into tech and Bitcoin started as a slight obsession with Austrian economics. After first hearing about Bitcoin, she spent the next few years learning how to code with the aim of understanding it. It was during this process that she learned: knowledge of how to code doesn’t automatically translate into an understanding of why a system works.

It wasn’t until she started working at Blockstream, with the cypherpunks who work on Bitcoin, that she got closer to real understanding. She documented these realizations in her recently published book, Bitcoin Clarity. The book is a guide to understanding Bitcoin with mental models instead of code, for the non-technical audience that’s been tempted to fall into the “learn to code” trap themselves.

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A note from Grant

Kiara Bickers is building a career at the center of one of today’s hottest trends: cryptocurrencies. She went from working at Stanford in the catering department to working as a self taught SysAdmin at Blockstream to authoring a book on bitcoin clarity.

Whether you are into bitcoin or think cryptocurrency isn’t ready for primetime, there are a lot of really interesting career opportunities and challenges in the field. Be sure to stay tuned as we catch up with Kiara Bickers and learn how she is crafting a career at the center of a potentially revolutionizing new technology. 


—Kiara Bickers

Additional Resources

Learn more about Bitcoin Claritiy – https://getbitcoinclarity.com/

Check out Kiara’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjLeFAlTxymys0Ov3zbmbg

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