February 1

Tabitha Sable – Hacker and Systems Security Engineer #128

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Tabitha Sable has been a hacker and cross-platform sysadmin since the turn of the century. As Systems Security Engineer at Datadog, she can usually be found teaching adversarial techniques to other engineers, sharing systems engineering viewpoints with security staff, bicycling, and saying “I wonder what happens if we…”. You can follow her on Twitter at @tabbysable.

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A note from Grant

Tabitha Sable is a self described hacker and sysadmin who loves teaching adversarial security techniques to engineers.  In addition to her day job at Datadog as Systems Security Engineer, she is also a regular public speaker and contributor to Kubernetes. Please stay tuned as we catch up with Tabitha Sable and hear how she built a career in tech.

-Grant ingersoll


—Tabitha Sable

Additional Resources

Kubernetes Clinic Spotlight on Tabitha Sable: Helping People Level Up – click here to read the article

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