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Develomentor is a podcast focused on careers in tech. Every Monday, we publish an interview with people who have found their path in technology. Check out the links below for all of our episodes including their show notes.

Nick Caldwell is currently the CPO of Looker. Learn how to shift your career from engineering to product

Ep. 12. Nick Caldwell – How to Shift Your Career from Engineering to Product

“If you are a brand new engineer, as early as you can, start to learn about other disciplines and how they contribute because it will pay off later on in your career.”

Ellen Friedman went from a career as a biochemist to principal technologist

Ep. 11. Ellen Friedman – Biochemist to Principal Technologist

“You’re not just writing. You’re thinking. You’re strategizing. You’re discovering in the world what’s happening and you’re helping people recognize the patterns in what they’re doing.”

Stephen Carvelli grew into tech CTO, after getting his Bachelor's in Psychology

Ep. 10. Stephen Carvelli – From a Bachelor’s in Psychology to CTO

“The most successful people that I’ve seen in my career have paid very close attention to relationships and how important they’re going to be in their career.”

John Cambier is a Venture Capitalist who invests in tech

Ep. 9 John Cambier – Venture Capital and Tech

“Out of all the skills that I think are helpful and relevant to being a good venture capitalist, financial expertise is the lowest.”

Divine is a tech entrepreneur mentored by Ben Horowitz

Ep. 8 Divine – Empowering the Underprivileged

“Instead of asking Ben (Horowitz) to invest in my music business, I asked him to mentor me”

Todd Lewis is a leader in organizing conferences on open source technology

Ep. 7 Todd Lewis – Generating Revenue through Open Source

“Everyone really has to ask themselves ‘why would I even do an event?’ and answer the question very honestly.”

Fred Stutzman is the founder of the the startup Freedom

Ep. 6 Fred Stutzman – From Side Hustle to a Scalable Business

“We were inventing a new technology and building it in a multi-platform way… it took us a couple of years to get it right.

Drew Farris is a consultant, programmer and co-author of the book Taming Text

Ep. 5 Drew Farris – Design Thinking and Your Career

“Everybody has unique talents and strengths, and it’s really important to embrace that diversity and reward people for their strengths.”

Camille Fournier is a software enginering manager and author

Ep. 4 Camille Fournier – Goldman Sachs Saved My Tech Career

“As a manager, you are not simply telling people what to do, it’s a lot more nudging people. You have more authority, but very little ownership of your time.

Liz Liddy is the renowned Dean of the iSchool at the University of Syracuse

Ep. 3 Liz Liddy – Natural Language Processing

“Like many entrepreneurs you’re frustrated about something and you’re motivated to do something about it.”

Renee Saint-Louis is a product manager and business analyst

Ep. 2 Renee Saint-Louis – Social Worker to Product Manager

“…helping a business really understand what its needs are and helping bring those needs to life.”

Grant Ingersoll is the co-founder of LucidWorks and currently the CTO of Wikipedia

Ep. 1 Grant Ingersoll – Origins

“There is more to any tech company’s story than just the software and I want to present the whole picture.”

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