Why Develomentor?

Inspired to action after listening to one too many episodes of Side Hustle School and while helping my son, William, prepare for college (still hard to believe that the little boy on my shoulders is college age), I created Develomentor for two reasons:

  1. To create content, advice and services showcasing the variety of career paths in technology besides programming.
  2. To help business-focused people navigate technology by providing advice and services on: interviewing, hiring, managing engineers, software best practices, and code reviews.

As a bonus, I get to work with my sister (Renee)!

Grant Ingersoll,

Careers in Technology

Software may be eating the world, but that doesn’t mean software engineering is the only career in technology that matters.  Despite what is often portrayed in the media, there are many careers in technology in addition to software engineering, all of which are critical to a business growing and succeeding.  And just because you have a degree in computer science doesn’t mean that you have to spend your whole career as a software engineer, or even start your career as one for that matter.  These days you don’t even need a degree in computer science to become a software engineer.

Our goal is to create a showcase podcast highlighting many of the everyday great people in technology and the paths they took to a career you may or may not have ever heard of.  Careers like:

  • Product management
  • Sales
  • Sales engineering
  • Marketing
  • Software engineering (it is a career in tech, after all!)
  • Data Scientist
  • Hardware engineering
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • C-Suite: CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CAO

Along the way, we’ll cover many of the hard and soft skills required to navigate a career in technology.  We will also cover topics such as:

  • Joining a startup
  • Staying up on technology trends without becoming overwhelmed
  • Moving into technology management
  • Burnout
  • Side projects
  • Hiring/firing
  • Hot topics
  • Contributing to open source as a means to career development

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