March 9

Mike Gualtieri – Tech Analyst at Forrester (#38)

Artificial Intelligence, Consultant, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Speaker, tech analyst



Mike Gualtieri has more than 25 years of experience in the industry helping design and develop mission-critical applications in eCommerce, insurance, banking, travel/hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology for organizations including NASA, eBay, Bank of America, Liberty Mutual, Nielsen, EMC, and many others. His background is that of a practitioner, having written thousands of lines of code, managed development teams, and architected complex systems. (Tech Analyst)

Mike’s research focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver digital transformations that lead to prescient digital experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology coverage areas are AI and emerging technologies that make software faster, smarter, and transformative for global enterprises and organizations. He advises enterprise decision-makers and executive leaders around the world on the intersection of business strategy, AI, and digital transformation.

Mike is a recipient of the Forrester Courage Award for making bold calls that inspire leaders and guide great business and technology decisions.

He is a frequent and highly sought-after speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and technology events for his audience-designed, insightful, and energetic speeches.

Mike provides technology vendors with actionable, fine-tuned advisory sessions on strategy, messaging, competitive analysis, buyer-persona analysis, market trends, and product roadmaps for the areas he directly covers and adjacent areas that wish to launch into new markets or use new technologies.

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Episode Summary

“This is one of the best jobs in the world for me because of the level of access I have to CEOs of very large tech companies and CTOs. A lot of learning just comes naturally with the job.”

—Mike Gualtieri

In this episode we’ll cover:

  1. How Mike stays ahead of trends to influence some of the largest companies in tech?
  2. How often does Forrester publish reports? What are the differences between tech journalists and tech analysts?
  3. Why taking an online class on machine learning is often a waste of time?
  4. What is it like working as a software architect at a bank?

Key Milestones

[2:04] – Mike is a self-taught programmer in pascal, java and assembly. He has held roles as a software architect and now works as a tech industry analyst. By the time Mike got to college he was already fluent as a programmer from his work at Wang Laboratories
[4:20] – Mike started several companies in the early days when programmers were rare. Some of the businesses were in warehouse management, logistics, transportation, and accounting. All these companies were based on a technique rooted in artificial intelligence called expert systems.
[7:06] – Banking software is complex and it is typical for a bank to have 800 or 3000 unique applications. This can happen organically or through acquisition. Its the role of the architect to keep all the software organized.
[10:48] – Its important to learn to be flexible because technology is changing at an increasing pace. Education is always going to lag the arc of technology and it’s always important to learn a new programming language or framework.
[12:45]- Tech analysts help technology leaders make decisions. This can mean helping leaders with what software to buy, with industry best practices, strategies, or current trends.
[17:30] – Mike gravitates towards the more technical topics when conducting research. He’s able to dissect topics like latency and scale while remaining unbiased.
[19:45] – Last year there was a sudden jump from CPUs to GPUs, which are AI chips. Mike has to stay on top of current trends in technology
20:30 – Which companies hire technology analysts? And why?
23:30 – What are the differences between tech journalists and tech analysts?
25:45 – Mike’s thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning?
27:05 – Taking a class on AI or machine learning is often a waste of time. People that are successful in machine learning don’t need to know how the algorithms works, they just need to be able to use them as a tool.
31:15 – Mike enjoys sharing space with tech leaders, CEO’s, hot startups and giving conference speeches. Communication, both written and verbal, is essential to being a tech analyst.

Additional Resources

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