January 21

Andrei Lopatenko – Head of Search at Zillow & eBay #125

Founder, Management, Search, Software Engineering, Speaker



Andrei is Vice President of Engineering at Zillow Group. He is the head of search and discovery engines. This including search science, development, infrastructure, and operations. As part of this role, he heads Zillow Group’s conversational AI efforts, which consist of initiatives around natural language processing platforms, speech analytics, call center AI, and conversational interfaces. The goal is improving Zillow’s business and customer services using natural language processing and speech understanding. 

Before joining Zillow in 2019, Andrei led search science teams within eBay and Walmart. Prior to Walmart he worked at Google and Apple, serving as a core contributor to products like Google web search, Apple Maps, Apple’s AppStore, and iTunes search engines. He previously led engineering efforts for Recruit Holdings’ AI Lab. He also sat on the advisory board of Ozlo, a Conversational AI startup acquired by Facebook in 2017. 

Andrei earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom and Master of Science Degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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A note from Grant

Andre Lopatenko has worked around the globe in his career as a search and natural language processing expert. He turned an undergraduate and master’s degree in physics and a PhD in Computer Science into a long and successful career as a software engineer and engineering leader.

Over the years, his specialties have carried him from his early days in Moscow to Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, California and now Seattle.  Along his journey, Andrei has risen the ranks from software engineer to Principal Software Engineer, to Director of Engineering, Head of Search Science and now VP of Engineering for the likes of Apple, Google, Walmart Labs, eBay and Zillow.

Andre was also the co-founder and advisor of Ozlo, a company focused on conversational artificial intelligence that was purchased by Facebook. Andrei is also a long time public speaker often giving talks on how to build a career in natural language processing or how artificial intelligence is used in search.  Be sure to stay tuned as we catch up with Andrei Lopatenko and search for answers to his career in tech.



—Andrei Loaptenko

Additional Resources

Here is Andrei’s profile on Zillow – https://www.zillowgroup.com/people/andrei-lopatenko/

Connect with Andrei Lopatenko

Connect with Grant Ingersoll



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